Broadband roll out in North Wales.

Broadband roll out in North Wales

As our society and businesses become more and more reliant on digital technology and the internet, getting fast and reliable access to the world wide web is essential.

Baileys and Partners have experience of providing utility connection advice and professional services to both landowners and utility companies. Finding solutions to access and location of equipment is important for all parties. Whether a landowner’s business is farming, leisure, or energy there are now demands to have the technology in place for both communication and access to information.

The Welsh Assembly has produced a report on the Digital Infrastructure in Wales and this is being scrutinized by the Economy Infrastructure and Skills Committee. The report is scheduled for discussion by the Welsh Assembly on the 22nd November 2017. The Welsh Assembly has also recently carried out a public consultation on the next phase of broadband roll out in Wales.

Although the roll out of fibre broadband is ongoing, some regions have found that take up by residents and businesses is low. Conwy Council have recently advertised to find an organisation to help improve the take up of households and businesses to use superfast broadband. At the moment in Conwy there is only a 30% take up for superfast broadband even though 87% of households are now covered by the fibre network.

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