Creating your own Resilience Plan

With Brexit uncertainty we are trying to think outside of the box and predict how a Brexit or no Brexit deal will affect our clients business interests.

You will have heard about the term ‘Resilience’ which is defined as ‘the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties’. This term is used all too frequently at the current time, and we have to ask ourselves why?

We would suggest that a resilience plan for your business does not need to be too arduous, concentrating on the certainties now and not what might be. This all seems too simple doesn’t it, as we know thats often what a solid future proofing plan is, simple.

As a starter, we would suggest that it is important to engage with others across the industry to seek their views on the future and then focus on the creation of your own resilience plan, we would recommend that this should be done ahead of Brexit or a No Brexit deal.

When preparing your resilience plan consider a possible change in government party leadership and as a consequence a taxation revamp which may be introduced. Perhaps ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’ and if circumstances allow accelerate any plans which have a taxation consequence sooner rather than later.

Are you a risk taker? Consider that now may be the optimum time to venture into potential commercial opportunities, for example many of our rural and leisure clients are asking us to help advise them on natural capital opportunities – the derivative of this being ecosystem services (watch out for our blog on ecosystem services….)

Succession planning, another hot and current topic which should feature in any resilience plan, there are significant taxation advantages to planning for the future generations, and the added advantages of providing certainty to the next generation.

Resilience planning is key to improving mental health and well being, with those who plan ahead being the ones who are more likely to ask for help when needed. Resilience planning is discussed each day within our office, if we can assist at all or even be a sounding block for your resilience plan thoughts then please do give us a call. We work alongside Solicitors, Accountants and HR consultants who may also play an important part in the implementation of any future proofing plan.

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