Global Positioning Equipment, Boundary Mapping and Boundary Dispute Reports

In recent months the Baileys and Partners team in Anglesey have added a cutting-edge piece of equipment to complement their services.

Tom’s practical engineering and CAD drawing experience, coupled with Bryn’s interest in mapping and research have combined to offer a new service.

The successful completion of boundary demarcation and general mapping projects for clients led to more enquiries for the services. Upon realising the complexity and multiple processes needed when using the traditional measuring methods, Tom’s practical background in engineering and site layout prompted the Anglesey team to look for specialised equipment from other industries that may improve and modernise the process.

After lengthy research into the most appropriate equipment, the Anglesey team found the answer; GPS equipment, accurate to 10mm, usually used on large scale infrastructure and civil engineering projects, where accuracy is paramount.

The new GPS equipment used by the Anglesey team is self-calibrating and utilises several satellites which increases accuracy and GPS coverage; if there is insufficient GPS coverage to provide the required level of accuracy, the equipment will turn itself off, thereby not allowing an operator to take an inaccurate measurement.

Once plans are uploaded onto the GPS software, the device guides the operator to exact points, with an accuracy of 10mm. This reduces the processes needed to demarcate a boundary or find a position, providing clients with information they can rely on. The GPS device is also autonomous to the operator, who once a plan is uploaded follows instructions from the machine. This will provide more reliability on any findings used in reports.

The GPS equipment can be used for a variety of mapping and demarcation projects, from boundary disputes to the laying out of dairy grazing paddocks and is a highly versatile and accurate piece of equipment.

If you think you have a project that could benefit from the GPS equipment and the skills of the Baileys and Partners Anglesey team, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Call us on 01248 893777 and speak to Tom or Bryn, alternatively send us an email ‘’ or ‘’, or call to see us in person at our office in M-Sparc in Gaerwen.

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