How to become a Chartered Surveyor – are you made to measure?

There are more than 100 varied career roles across the surveying profession in three main sectors: construction and infrastructure; property; and land. The MRICS accreditation is a qualification widely accepted across the world, anyone who engages the services of an RICS professional is assured of a standard of quality, ethical conduct and competence.

Rural Surveyors (or traditionally known as Land Agents) are within the land sector and offer professional advice on rural matters. Careers in surveying and land agency are exciting, challenging and creative. They suit those who enjoy talking and listening to other people, understanding their problems and coming up with solutions that fit their needs and budget. If you’d love to work both independently and with a team, and would enjoy a busy and varied role where you’re sometimes outdoors as often as in the office, then it might be for you!

Baileys and Partners are a practice of Chartered Surveyors who specialise in the rural sector. Baileys and Partners work closely with a number of other advisers, including solicitors, accountants, ecologists, engineers and architects to name a few. This combination of professional advisors ensures that a client gets the best possible service to deliver their business objectives.

A Rural Chartered Surveyor specialises in agricultural and rural matters such as, agricultural practices, rural estate management, farm diversification, tax and estate planning, compulsory purchase, Landlord and Tenant matters, renewable energy projects, environmental land management- a diverse range of matters. The modern rural surveyor needs to be flexible and constantly adapting to industry changes. An excellent in-depth understanding of a range of rural matters is required in order to advise clients. The profession is challenging but rewarding.

Completing an RICS Accredited Degree is the first step to becoming a Chartered Surveyor. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) works in partnership with universities to ensure that degree courses are relevant to industry.

Ed, Helen, Jodie and Tudur studied Rural Enterprise and Land Management (REALM) which is a 4-year degree course offered by Harper Adams University. This course benefits from allowing students to gain one year ( a ‘year out’) on an industrial work placement. The year out cements the theory learnt in the classroom. Most students will count this placement as the first of two years structured training needed for the RICS Assessment of Professional Competence (APC).

There are other ways to become a surveyor such as surveying apprenticeship schemes, however the most common pathway by far in the rural sector is via the university route.

Having first completed an accredited degree you will then start working for a firm of professionals like Baileys and Partners who can support you within your role and prepare you for the APC. During this two year period you will be required to keep a daily diary of experience, prepare a submission pack consisting of a summary of experience and a case study of a project which you have had involvement with. You will then be invited to attend a 1-hour interview under examination conditions to present your chosen case study, the examiners will invite you to answer their questions on your experience and the RICS Ethical Standards.

Congratulations, after successfully passing the APC you will be awarded the sought after MRICS title. This title adds a weight of credibility and excellence to your professional abilities.

Tudur, the youngest Surveyor at Baileys and Partners, qualified as a Chartered Surveyors 18 months ago. He is a pro at all things RICS related, if you require any practical advice on the profession and his experiences please do get in touch with us. We will also support any candidate who wishes to gain work experience in this sector for example a pre university taster week, please do ask.

For anyone interested in pursuing a career in the Chartered Surveyor profession then we highly recommend this role. Having ambition is the path to success.

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