North Wales in Lonely Planet’s Top 10

I guess we all take things for granted from time to time. Especially if it’s always there, ever present and literally on your doorstep. I know I do sometimes. The inclusion of North Wales in Lonely Planet’s Top Ten Regions to visit in 2017 has certainly come as a welcome wakeup call for me.

Nestled on glossy pages between the Azores in Portugal and Southern Australia, this popular magazine describes the many reasons to visit North Wales. Our fantastic new adventure activities are listed as are numerous food festivals. The natural beauty of the National Park is also promoted references is given to our industrial heritage and mythical past.

We know all this already of course. But it’s worth pointing out that having ‘Lonely Planet’ saying it is a big deal. The largest travel guide book publisher in the world the organization also has numerous TV series’ and over 500K people visit the website every day. It’s difficult to argue against the statement on their online store “We don’t just report on the trends, we set them – helping you get there before the crowds do.”

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