Choosing the right estate agent: how local has gone global, and why

Consumer habits are changing. From the provenance of the food we eat to where we buy our latte fix, we’re increasingly choosing local over global and personal over anonymous.

It’s no surprise to see this step change reflected in the way we buy and sell property in the UK. The community-embedded estate agent can offer a level of service to their clients that is impossible for bigger, more remote, national chains to match.

Here at Baileys and Partners we firmly believe that our local relationships, knowledge and market expertise are our major currency. But we’ll concede that the property market hasn’t always worked like that.

Once upon a time, the firm with the biggest marketing budget – and thus the biggest reach for its clients – would win every time in a game of estate agent top trumps. The scale of big-budget marketing – for print and tv advertising – would typically compensate – or at least mask – a deficit of local knowledge and relationships.

But then technology came along and turned the traditional approach to the market upside down (and not just for estate agents). Digital content marketing, and the relatively lighter manpower and budget needed to deliver it effectively, has seen smaller challenger brands now competing with the reach of big national – or even global – chains.

The ability of digital marketing to target advertising content by age, geography, income – and a myriad of other selection criteria – has unquestionably levelled the playing field. So how now to differentiate an excellent estate agent from a so-so one?

In our experience it all comes down to relationships. A proper understanding of the community, context and environment in which you operate on behalf of your clients. An ability – as well as the time and inclination – to offer consistently easy-to-follow, considered and highly personalised advice.

At Baileys and Partners, we work with a diverse range of clients from private individuals and businesses to community enterprises and charities. Our clients’ demands are varied, but what they have in common is the desire to work with an agency which understands their needs and the communities in which they are investing. And it’s something we know we excel at.

If you would like to find out more about our approach to land and property sales don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our door is open 9-5.30pm Monday to Friday or you can email to book an appointment with one of our team on

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