If Santa Claus was our client how could we help him

With Christmas arriving it will be a busy time of year for Santa Claus, but once the New Year arrives and when he is taking his well earned rest, he might want to think about the future and seek professional advice on various aspects of his work and business set up.

With an expanding population and more and more children to visit, he may need to expand his workshops.  Baileys and Partners could assist with obtaining planning permission and any other necessary consents.  Baileys and Partners have experience with developing proposals in sensitive locations like the North Pole.

Santa Claus is likely to have a reasonable size estate in the North Pole. Residential properties for the elves and farmland for the reindeer etc.  Baileys and Partners can provide a Estate Management service to support landowners like Santa Claus with professional advice for both strategic long term decisions and providing a day to day management service.  For Santa Claus this would ease the burden on him and allow him to focus on his main business of making and delivering presents at Christmas.

Communication is key to all businesses and although many children prefer to send Santa Claus a letter, we are in the digital age and Santa Claus needs to have a good digital connection.  Baileys and Partners can assist him with improving or installing digital connections, whether it is fibre broadband or mobile connections that are required.

Mrs Claus may be thinking of diversification such as holiday cottages or solar panels to power the new electric sleigh.  Planning and availability of grants is often key to diversification proposals.  Baileys and Partners helps both existing leisure businesses and also farmers and landowners with no previous experience of the tourism industry or renewable energy.

Baileys and Partners works with other professionals such as, solicitors, accountants, engineers, ecologists in order to provide a full service.

Wishing everyone a relaxing festive period

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