Dwi wedi bod yn dysgu Cymraeg ers 2015.

Mae’r iaith yn annodd i ddysgu ond dwi’n mwynhau yr dosbarth ac mae o’n pwysig i fi ar ol symyd i’r ardal. Yn yr dyfodol dwi’n gobeithio y fyddai yn gallu rhoi cyngor yn Cymraeg.

Baileys and Partners have been supporting Jodies Welsh learning. Welsh Government aim to have one million Welsh Speakers by 2050. According to the 2011 census this proposal will double the number of people that were speaking Welsh in 2011.

Offering a bi-lingual service is important and as a business there is much more we will be doing to develop our bi-lingual service. Half of our core team are fluent welsh speakers, with the balance in learning.

Providing advice on property is a very personal business and it is therefore entirely befitting that we offer our clients the choice to do so in the language that our client’s best prefer. We are also of the view that this will ensure that the Welsh language can continue to be promoted, developed and celebrated in the future.

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