Green roofs – top of your design criteria?

Green roofs; a benefit to society – should they be at the top of your design criteria? Green roofs are known to reduce surface water run-off, absorb greenhouse gases, reduce air pollution, cut energy costs, absorb sound and importantly in this economic climate – create new skills and support jobs. In addition, a green roof is reported to improve the marketability of a new development alongside reducing public opposition to new development plans. Green roofs are aesthetically pleasing and host an extensive range of plants and animals.

With all the benefits that a Green roof possess why are we not seeing more? I must admit I have been sceptical about introducing a green roof to our office, water ingress and maintenance of the sedum membrane have been particular worries however seeing the green oasis of flowers and wildlife each day is slowly but surely making me a green roof convert, and thankfully due to the expert installation we have not experienced any water ingress.

Technical Advice Note 12 alongside Planning Policy Wales sets out the land use and planning policies of the Welsh Government and suggests that a good design could include a green roof in the right environment. In North Wales we are surrounded by the iconic Welsh Slate and more recently we are seeing a move to a mixture of slate and green roof structures. Perhaps the ‘green roof oasis’ will be adopted more widely in North Wales, surely, they are a ‘win win’ in terms of their economic, social and environmental benefits?

Baileys and Partners submit planning applications on behalf of clients and have experience in natural capital and ecosystem services, if we can assist with your new development then please get in touch with one of the team. Telephone: 01341 241700 or email:

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