Increased Demand For Short Breaks

Now that the summer rush is over I had a chance for a quick chat with Gwion, owner of Dioni Holiday Cottages, about business and his predictions for the future of the holiday cottage market. “We’ve had another strong year and we’re very positive for the future but the market is changing. Here at Dioni, 84% of bookings made for the months of July and August are for 7 nights or more but we have seen a substantial increase in demand for short breaks during this peak summer season.” This is reflected across the industry where, on average, short breaks of 6 nights or less now account for 60% of self catering bookings during this peak summer period*.

Increased Demand For Short Breaks

A recent survey** reports how, for the second consecutive year, the proportion of Britons taking a short-break at home has increased. The UK is overwhelmingly viewed as a short-break destination, 73% of Britons intending to take one this year, compared to 24% intending to take a UK holiday of 4+ nights. The same survey reports a drop in UK adults who are intending to take a main holiday (seven days or more) in the UK. A trend which is exaggerated among more affluent ABC1 adults.

Trying to satisfy  this demand naturally puts more pressure on housekeeping staff and resources but, limited supply does mean that short breaks are less price sensitive. Other positives for us here in North wales includes the fact that many holiday makers consider natural beauty to be their prime motivator when choosing holiday destination. Demand for adventure activity or ‘bucket list’ type holidays also continues to grow. A sector where North Wales is increasingly strong.

* Supercontrol Article
** BDRC Continental Holiday Trends

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