We love a planning challenge! Challenge No 1: Development in the open countryside

In Wales we are blessed with lots of open countryside– this can bring challenges and opportunities. Sometimes a bit of professional advice can help.

We recently helped a local farming family achieve planning for a new house situated in a location which using planning definitions was in the open countryside. The reality was that the family wanted to build a home to serve farmland that they owned and so they could attend to livestock which often require around the clock attention. The location was in fact within a small hamlet of other houses. Political rhetoric encourages homes for local people but often barriers such as planning close off any solutions that families can think of.

We often take up the challenge of planning when families have already started the process but reach a point where either more specialist input is required or just more manpower and energy. We do like a challenge and more often than not it is a case of understanding the planning policies and procedures and working through those.

For this family we reviewed the position the planning process had reached and sourced a specialist agricultural consultant to advise and thereafter prepare a farm business case for both the income generation and also highlighting welfare needs of the livestock. Many thanks to Kite Consulting for preparing this. The farming information in addition to other documents that Baileys and Partners provided helped to justify the need for a Rural Enterprise Dwelling.

We pride ourselves at Baileys and Partners for providing high quality advice. This may draw upon other professionals including agricultural specialists, heritage specialists, archaeologists, ecologists, engineers to name a few. This network of trusted and recommended professionals allows our firm to deliver on technically challenging work which might not ordinarily be the realm of a smaller firm. Give us a call, as we say, ‘we like a challenge!’.

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