Horrible Histories?!! Challenge No 2: Housing and heritage

We are very pleased to have succeeded in helping a local farming family achieve planning permission for a three-bedroom new build residential dwelling situated in Harlech.

Harlech is a special town which has several designations which impact on planning. It is a World Heritage Site, the Castle is a Scheduled Monument, it has a Conservation Area, and several buildings are listed.

Prior to Baileys and Partners involvement, the local family concerned had taken the application a long way down the process of obtaining formal consent. It was at the point in which specialist planning consultancy assistance was required that they referred the instruction to us – this time on Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) grounds.

Wales is a country full of rich culture, heritage, and tradition. We recognise the importance of planning policies which protect such things as well as promote the Welsh language. In this instance our Jodie Pritchard’s specialist training in undertaking HIA’s was put to test, in tandem with expertise in the form of Nexus Heritage – a specialist heritage planning firm.

A HIA is a structured process to make sure that you take the significance of your historic asset into account when you are developing and designing proposals for change. The asset in question may not be directly within your control or ownership. The depth and scope of the HIA depends on the development proposed and the heritage itself. It requires a methodical mind and demands patience. Baileys and Partners managed the planning instruction such that the client could rest easy understanding that the process of securing consent was in train.

We pride ourselves at Baileys and Partners for providing high quality advice. This may draw upon other professionals including heritage specialists, archaeologists, ecologists, engineers to name a few.

Our network of trusted and recommended professionals facilitates a broad service offering which allows us to give our clients the personal touch and attention to detail that befits the reputation of small firms, whilst also offering a full range of services ordinarily the preserve of national practices.

Give us a call. We like a challenge!

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