Natural Capital Assets: Restoring Ancient Woodlands

Natural Capital Assets: Restoring Ancient Woodlands

Following on from our May 2020 Blog on the Celtic Rainforests Project we thought we would highlight the opportunity to attend a free webinar being presented by Adam Thorogood from the Woodlands Trust. The webinar titled “Restoring ancient woodlands for landowners and woodland contractors” is taking place on Wednesday 24th February 2021 at 4pm and can be booked through this link

Since the previous blog, Adam has supported Baileys and Partners’ client to submit a felling licence application to Natural Resources Wales for a site constrained by designations, this being the key to the proposed programme of felling, to enhance the species diversity within the woodland and opening up the prospect of timber harvesting from this site. 

This is an exciting opportunity as although the woodland is delivering for biodiversity (hence the designations) it could be delivering more through active management. The prospect of receipts from timber sales also allows for further investment within the woodland – whether that be access improvements, or infrastructure maintenance. 

The prospect of grazing in the woodland is also being explored. Woodland grazing is a debated subject by ecologists and woodland managers but as with most land management activities achieving the right stocking levels and breed of animal can be beneficial for any site. Woodland grazing would be bringing back a practice which historically happened on the land but not for a significant period of time. Baileys and Partners are helping the client explore the potential of this and how it links into the wider farming structure. 

In addition to advice on available grants and government incentive schemes, Baileys and Partners are helping clients identify their Natural Capital Assets by taking the time to help clients make connections between different elements of their farming and business enterprise. 

Please get in touch with Ed Bailey and his team at

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