Baileys and Partners Summer Outing

So, Helen and Ed, Company Directors of Baileys and Partners, thought they would reward their hardworking team with a summer outing.  We were all left guessing what they had in store for us as this was left as a surprise until the morning of the event, with only a kit list to go by.  Attempting to soften the blow with a gathering the night before at the local pub, where we joined together with our suggestions of what challenge the following day might bring us.

We arrived with our kit bags, giggling nervously (and that was just the men!) at the Baileys residence where we were greeted with a lovely light breakfast and coffee to get us going. Then transported to the nearby Harlech and Ardudwy Leisure, dawning on us that we would be using The Rock Climbing Wall.

Kitted out with all the safety gear and given our safety briefing, we were separated into teams and closely guided around the giant walls. A little competitiveness from Ed and Baileys and Partners Agency partner, Gwion, keeping us all entertained! Trusting each other with our lives as we were suspended from the great heights of the walls, helped us to learn a lot about each other…. !

Recovering from climbing, we were taken back to the Baileys residence for a lovely lunch, where the nervous giggles continued guessing what the afternoon’s activity was to be.

With full bellies we were transported to the nearby CMC Adventure, dawning on us it was to be some sort of water based activity!

The team there greeted us warmly and announced we would be gorge walking, kitting us out with wetsuits and helmets, preparing us for the event.

All looking delightful, we were taken upto Cwm Nantcol by mini bus, where the fun was to begin.

We were given a safety talk and then onwards into the fast flowing river. Gingerly treading on the slippery river bed, clinging onto rocks in the very cold water, was a little shock to the system but we soon got into the “flow” of things.

Crossing the fast flowing water, jumping in (safely, with the instructions of the guides), and attempting to swim against the current was entertaining and we got to see the beautiful area from a whole new aspect, whilst appreciating the strength of the river!

Dripping and aching from laughing so much we had a short walk back to the mini bus where we were taken back to base to dry out, after the last challenge of removing all the wet layers we had on!

The day was full of nerves and excitement and laughter, a great time was had by all, and the support and guidance from the local businesses was second to none. A fantastic day out, and very well organised thanks to Helen and Ed!

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