Mapping your Fortunes

On the 6th June 2019, an auction was held in New York by Swann Auction Galleries. One of the lots was an 18th Century map drawn and produced by Lewis Evans a surveyor originally from Caernarfon. Swann Auction Galleries described the Lewis Evans map as ‘A General Map of the Middle British Colonies in America, and one of the most significant and influential maps published in Colonial America.

The map realised a sale price of $125,000 (£98,200), we have already searched our archive files to no avail for any similar plans!

Maps and plans remain very important in this digital world. A map is defined as ‘an organised representation of a given physical space’. Maps and plans are of significance due to the detail which they can convey to us. Whether the plan is required for a lease, a licence or the sale of property, having a well-drawn map is paramount. There are stringent guidelines which a cartographer has to adhere to when producing a map or plan to document the transfer or long lease of property. Baileys and Partners pride ourselves on having strong attention to detail when preparing maps and plans. We work with experienced cartographers to produce clear, functional and attractive plans for clients to utilise for a variety of reasons; agricultural agreements, renewable energy schemes, commercial leases, and land sales, to name a few.

You will find that organisations are increasingly making requests for maps and plans which accompany and support applications to be produced to a prescribed format. Unfortunately organisations don’t adopt the same map preparation approach, so you won’t be surprised to learn that applications are often rejected due to an inadequately prepared plan.

Copyright laws must also be considered, they were first introduced in the eighteenth century, we are unsure whether Lewis Evans either had to abide by them or whether his work was protected by Copyright. However Ordnance Survey copyright must be considered when producing or replicating maps and plans.

Baileys and Partners are here to assist with the precision attention to detail which is required to instruct our cartographer to produce a master plan. We can’t guarantee that the plan will be worth $125,000 however the asset which is being mapped may be!

Please do get in touch with the Baileys and Partners team to discuss your mapping requirements.
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